From the Pastor's Desk
Pastor Rose Blake-Gallimore
On the island of Montego Bay, Jamaica on June 16, 1968, pastor was given the name Meryl Rosemarie Blake. She grew up in the church with eight other siblings raised by her mother, Pearline Blake and father, Pastor Ivan Blake in the comfort of the Lord. Pastor Rose started her singing career at the tender age of eight and was saved at eleven. From the applause and cheers she received she knew that this was her calling. She always had a passion for singing and for music. Her family inspired her as well, as for most of them are very musically inclined. She now has three beautiful children, Samantha, Amelia, and Kadeem which through prayer and guidance she is raising to follow in her footsteps.
Pastor Rose’s desire is to be a servant for the Lord and to reach out to as many lives as she possibly can. Missions and outreach ministries are also a part of her many passions. The Lord has  opened many doors for her, from performing in New Jersey, Florida, California, Michigan, and Jamaica. She has done this through the loving support of her family, friends, and church members. The Lord has saved her life for a purpose and she is well aware of it. Pastor Rose was told by her parents that she was dead twice, and God himself raised her up. Growing up she was able to see the grave that was dug to place her body in, but God put her aside for his own purpose. 
“I have faltered along the way and made some bad choices in my life but my God would not leave me alone. He knows I have work to do for him and his will I must do. I watch God taking my voice to another level in him, and so I owe it all to him. I am so grateful and blessed to have become the pastor of our church, Empowered for Christ Apostolic Temple, a chaplain in our community hospital and a notary as well.
God has also laid it upon my heart to start an international women’s ministry (Empowered Women for Christ Intl) which serves in and around our community as well. So far the countries we have reached include Jamaica, Honduras, and Trinidad. We are working to travel to Africa and the Dominican Republic next. I can see that God is about to take us to a higher level in him. I truly thank God for the way I was brought up by my parents. Their strict Jamaican culture helped me to be the better person that I am today. Two of my motto's are: "There is no mountain too high that I can not climb.” and "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me" In my final thoughts to everyone, be strong in the Lord and know your purpose in God.”
Pastor Rose Blake-Gallimore 
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